About Lanexco Ltd

Lanexco Ltd has been operating as leading meat exporters to worldwide destinations since 1996. The company’s principal has extensive experience in meat marketing and trading from both New Zealand and Australia origins. Lanexco is committed to supplying your markets needs effectively and efficiently.

We are a dynamic, hands-on company employing a team of six well trained and innovative staff who are dedicated to meeting our our customers’ requirements in a timely fashion.

Our markets include South Africa, West Africa, Canada, U.S.A., Taiwan, Japan, China, Algeria, Libya, and Russia, but Lanexco can generally source meat products for any country in the world.

Lanexco is a licenced New Zealand meat exporter (register MEL1221) and is a licenced Australian meat exporter which trades as Lanexco Australia Pty Ltd with Australian meat export licence [LEM 2186]

We have the meat knowledge to fully satisfy your requirements and look forward to your inquiries.